i have a gibson les paul standard with new ernie ball power slinkys, fender twin amp 100 watts all tube, krank distortus maximus, boss ns-2i use monster cables. everything is perfect except for the fact that my low e string when palm muted sounds sort of like a distorted bass guitar. it just sounds horrible but the other strings sound fine. what do u think the problem is? could it be that im using a fender twin for playing hardcore music which i dont think? could it be my strings? i need help! could it be my settings on my amp and what could i set the treble, mids, and bass to on my pedal AND amp to make it sound better? it just sounds horrible and i need a solution!
prolly just try a lower guage string. the only diff in the tone between a guitar and bass is the string on bass r higher guage
You probably just need to lower the pickup height on the bass side. For Humbuckers, the height should be approx 1/16" on the treble side and 3/32" on the bass side.
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100 watts all tube

that might be the problem
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try it with no pedals see what it sounds like

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when you say lower the pickup height do u mean to make it closer to the pickups or further away?

means pickup further away from the strings. Either that or just use the measurements he's provided...
i tried making the strings go higher and it wont work. also, is the bridge pickup the bass pickup because that one pops out quite a bit more than the other one
could the action just be too low or something? please help!

i dont think my amp is the problem because a 100 watt all tube amp is a powerful amp. but i wonder if i would have the same problem with a jcm 2000?
what tunings you use might be the problem if its too low or try raising the action little and see if it helps any. if you wanna know how to raise the action there are some flat screwdriver slots in the post of the bridge. use the screwdriver to turns it counterclockwise i belive. p. s. how the distortus maximus i was thinkin bout gettin one meself
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its pretty damn good except with the sound i want i have to use my bright channel to make it sound good. the only problem is that you need a noise suppressor if you dont already have one and also the gain knob falls off. but other than that its really good