K some of you already know my situation. Guitar center keeps sending me busted guitars so I'm in the market for a new one. My options are A) replace it with another Yamaha fg720 sl or B) Upgrade. The yamaha was a good guitar but the left handed version is $100 more than the regular so I felt like I wasn't getting as much bang for my buck. That and I just want a better guitar

Heres what I'm considering:
Ibanez AW 100lece

Tanglewood TW15-n-ns

Taylor 110

Right now I'm leaning twords the taylor. I like the cutaway of the Ibanez but traditionaly don't like Ibenez sound.
Tanglewood is the only one of those three with solid back and sides. I haven't heard anything about the Tanglewood brand though so I'm not sure about it. Also it might be too much of a pain to care for.
The Taylor is what I'm leaning twords right now. soid top, laminate back and sides. quality brand. Shouldn't be too hard to care for.

What do you guys think/know about any of these guitars? I'm also open to any other suggestions. Gotta be left handed though. And again I'm not to worried about how it feels because I'm comfortable playing most everything.
Tanglewood are a good make of guitar. I have a tanglewood acoutstic and they are definately worth their money i would advise getting the tanglewood. But even then it's still your decision in the end you make the choice.
Why would the Tanglewood be harder to care for? I know in some climates you have be more carefull about humidity than others. But here in the mid-south, I've never taken any SPECIAL precautions besides just common sense average guitar care. And I've never noticed any harm to my guitars. And if I wanted a certain guitar, I wouldn't extra care be a reason not to get it. Humidifiers aren't that expensive.
Well I live in alaska and the weather is pretty harsh here. And I know solid wood is harder to care for than laminate because its more prone to warping and cracking. might be worth though if it sounds that much better.