I wanted to get that guitar. for 450 USD but i didnt have enough. so 450 USD is what it should cost
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It seems like a decent guitar. I don't know how the pickups sound though. It looks like a pretty nice beginner/intermediate guitar though.
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it seems good, pickups could use a swap, but isnt completely neccesary at first, beware of the trem though, it may crap out on you, they are known for that. If you ca, save up to get the RG1570, if you cant afford that, then try an S model?
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Stay well away from the RG350/370 guitars. They're cheap and nasty, the tremolos are made of softass metal and break very easily... I know. I made the mistake of getting one of those once, and I regret it. Spend your money on a Schecter unless you plan on replacing the pickups and bridge with a real floyd.
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