Last weekend me and my dad went up to this music store in Louisville to check out if they had a LTD MH-400NT i was interested in. I was messing with some amps and basically this 17 year old kid (who doesn't work there) is talking with me about what he prefers.. blah blah blah. Anyway he started talking to my dad about amps and stuff, which would have been just fine but he talked my dad into buying me a Crate GLX 212! Needless to say I was floored that he would just buy something like that for me, but I kinda wish we would have done a little research about crates beforehand. The only amps this store carries as far as metal sounding amps are Crates, and my dad signed a lay-away contract that basically means he wont be able to get his money back. So then... I need to pick out a "good" Crate selling for about $400. I'm heading back to the store tomorrow, and I hope to god they have something like a used blue voodoo VB120.

I'd like to know the best crate out there i can get for $400~ May the infinite wisdom of the UG forums bless this thread...
crates arent that bad. tube or not but for that price its gonna be a solid state. anyway for metal you want big distortion anyway. so get anything but leave your self about 100 extra bucks and get an uber metal pedal. with solid state its all about the effects anyway and if you dont have 2 grand to drop on krank or fill in the blank big distortion amps, youll need pedal anyway. so dont worry if you aint pro recording, or playing in front of 20000 people youll rock just the same!
You could probably get one of those small Crate tube combos and an OD. Crank the gain on the gain channel and then crank the level on the OD pedal. Put the gain on the pedal up a little and you could probably get metal. Try it out at the store.
I think you should give your dad some extra money (like, he'll pay $400 and then you can pay the difference) for either the Crate Palomino V32 or the V3112T.

They're both 30 watt tube amps. The only one I've heard in person is the V3112T, and you could probably get the sound you're looking for with that.
If i had the money, I would pay for something better, but while I was there I put 450 down on an EC-1000 (WOOOOOT!!!!!). As far as pedals go, I was thinking about a landmine, I saw the video review in the Guitar World dvd and its looks pretty sweet. btw, do tube amps use overdrive pedals or distortion pedals? I can never get that straight, seems like it wouldn't matter.

I was looking at the v-series amps but I assumed they were for blues n stuff. Could I get good distortion out of a v-series? (depends on OD/distortion pedal i guess?)
crate makes one good amp-blue voodoo and the palamino combo(class A tubes <3333)

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