wake up.
tell me when those slits have turned to eyes.
don't try to save a sunken ship...
your dreams have already died.
wake up.
you've never felt quite like this
except on every day of your life.
so now it's time...

you never thought that you could fly,
but then again, have you ever tried?
throw back your head and call your God,
he's beckoning back from far beyond...
but will you follow?

wake up.
tell me if you're feeling more alive.
release the chains around your wrists
and lift the dusty blinds.
wake up.
you've never had a chance like this,
the world has never seen those eyes.
so now it's time...

you never thought you'd change this world
but today you're going to try.
get out of bed and out the door,
you're not living in this prison anymore.
and he's beside you...
I actually really like it! Original lyrics. Your last line "and he's beside you..." I just don't think it fits very well... It might just be me though. Great song man.