I've really fallen for this genre lately, bands such as Soilwork and Bullet for my Valentine.

Now I wonder, it's mostly a powerchords that's muted and then some high pitch tones, any tips on how to actually write songs so that they sound melodic?
How about all you retarded elitist as5holes stop talking bulls*** and actually answer the guy's goddamn question? Jesus, it doesn't actually matter if he doesn't categorize bands the way you do, genres are just a guide anyway, they don't matter. BFMV and Soilwork are definitely metal, and they definitely have melodies, so there you go, he's right, and if you've come in to flame him because you're a genre freak who has to subcatgorise everyone into tiny genres that mean bugger all to anyone whose actually more worried about the music, then you're most definitely wrong.

Threadstarter - for a Bullet sound, pinch harmonics will help a lot, obviously some lightning shred fills and solos, a lot of swapping between powerchords and the higher strings, octaves as well as powerchords, drop D tunings, clean emo-style intros (though obviously with a bit more venom than most emo). Also, you want to get that hypnotic groove going that riffs like Hand of Blood and Tears Don't Fall have in the non-powerchord riffs, there's a real sense that each riff just picks up exactly where the last one stopped.

I reccommend learning Tears Don't Fall in full, even if you can't manage the solo, it has a lot of their common techniques.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

The Unholy plays a Jackson Warrior X through a Metal Muff

melodic metal? so i feel your thinking of a hardcore genre. check out as i lay dying or between the buried and me. by the way ug has a pretty good tab of forevor by as i lay dying check it out
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Use riffs built around the open E string whilst playing notes on the A string (or could be open A string and playing on the D). If you don't know what I mean then learn the riff in Suffocating Under Words.
TheUnholy: Bullet for my Valentine are not metal! They're in the hardcore forum, and with the standard of the singles from their album, they're lucky not to be in Emo. Metal is about aggression and sticking it to the man, not a man whining about "her tears don't fall, they crash around me".

But anyway, rankine has it spot on. The whole core genre tends to revolve around a guitar in drop D (or C), and heavily uses the open lowest string.
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