Ok I've had this Epiphone LP early 90's made in Kroea laying around for years. bough it at a garage sale because it looked great. Birdseye finish in bright yellow but it plays like crap, weighs next to nothing and sounds like crap too. Well I didn't think anyhitng of it and it hung on the wall as an ornament more than anything else.

Well today out of boredom I decided to pull the pickups. turns out its got DiMarzio DP 103 in the neck and DP 151 in the bridge. I've found some info on them but I want to put them into my good playing and much better sounding Epiphone LP SE, blue with a crappy looking flamed top.. lol. Yeah.. yeah epiphones are junk but this one for some reason I like this Epiphones playability and sounds bigger thicker.. better than my Hammer double cutaway. Possibly because this Epiphone weights a ton? dunno.. I'm not well informed on these 90's Epiphones and can't find much on them.

anyways.. the question is which pickup would be better for what? DP151.. DP103? I have read mixed reviews on both pickups in both positions. I play a bit of everyhitng but usually stick to a lil' blues and rock music and would want a good all round combo. I play through a modded Epiphone Valve Jr Head (brighter and with a gain mod) and a single V30 in an open back cab. any opinions on what would be good to give a try to?