Hey guys, I need a program for Windows that can slow down MP3's to make them easier to tab.

I read in another thread here that some people used "Slow Downer" -- my problem with this is that it can only slow down songs straight from the CD, so I would have to burn every MP3 I want to tab and then replay it on the CD

So anyone know one that can slow down just MP3/WAVs?


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yeah with audacity you can speed up and slow down any mp3 without affecting the tone. it's pretty easy too. yeah, go with audacity.
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transcribe works too
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i just downloaded audacity but how do you get it to slow down things.
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Just use Windows Media Player.

Right click on the toolbar, vew>enhancements>play speed settings. You can get it to half speed, which should be plenty slow enough to tab anything.
in audacity, highlite the part you wanna slow down , go to effects and click on change speed

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