This is a song I wrote the other day after watching the discovery channel way too long. I'm not sure about these lyrics; they're not my strongest. Any constructive criticism would be good.

We're wrecking the world
I sure hope somebody fixes it
We've made a mess
I just pray someone cleans it up

Who's going to pick up the pieces
If no one's willing to admit
That they're to blame?
Who's going to bring us peace if
We all think that it
Isn't our problem to claim?

Can't see the sky
Cause the clouds just get in the way
Can't drink the water
Look what we've done, oh wait, we can't see

Who's going to scream out repentance
If we can't breathe the air
To shout out a warning?
Who's going to take the sentence
For the crime that we all share
If we die before the morning?

It seems this place that we've called home
Is in a state of disrepair
We're setting a land mine for generations to come
But at least it's out of our hair
We just sweep it under the rug and hope
It disappears

Who's going to fix it?

So that's that.
The first verse is pretty straightforward. I might rework it later. Imagery and symbolism are usually everywhere in my songs, and this one almost felt like a departure. Thanks for your comments!
Nice job, the lyrics really send a message. Your rhyme scheme seems all over the place, though thats just my opinion. I'm agreeing with brendan666, the first verse is way too straight forward. I would also like to see a little more imagery/symbolism. Overall, though, good job. Keep on writing!
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