Well, for those of you that ever saw my thread about amry themed music... the theme has changed. Our spirit week theme this year is cities, and my grade got assigned Los Angeles.

so... im looking for songs or types of songs to play along to that theme.
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The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N' Roses have a lot of songs written around LA.
Going to California by Led Zep.
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Butch Walker has a couple songs about California (LA in particular, too) on his album Letters. Specifically, So At Last and Uncomfortably Numb.
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A lot of RHCP songs have to do with LA and California.
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California Themed? Not too sure about that, but the name makes it sound relevant...
California - Phantom Planet?
Under The Bridge and Californication - RHCP
Welcome to the Jungle and maybe Paradise City - Guns n Roses
California Waiting - Kings of Leon

Probably not all actually themed around California though.
it really depends on what kind of audience you will be playing to as to what kinds of songs you should play. people have all mentioned a lot of good ideas, but you need to figure out which ones to pick. if you are playing for more pop-oriented people, then the phantom planet song would work well. some RHCP would be good for a more rock oriented crowd. then going to california or LA Woman by the doors would be good for a classic rock crowd. with these spirit week thingies, it really helps to win the crowd and play into their style if you want to win.
"Back Home" by Yellowcard?
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