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Magnito Flywheel
29 52%
27 48%
Voters: 56.
Which one sounds better for a rockish band?
which ones now?

oh, i see now. The first one Magnito something, though they're both bad. it's kida a competition of who's worse. No offense.
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Magnito Flywheel. Its a weirder name, thus more memorable.
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Magnito Flywheel, if you spelt it Magneto as to draw in the x-men fans lol
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Magneto Flywheel - I like X-Men
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both of them suck, but I'd say magnito flyweel

nutshot might offend people.

you don't want that
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but offending people can help too, depends if you are that kind of band

i like nutshot, it reminds me of bar band

magneto flywheel remeinds me of indie rock
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Magnito is you want a lot of appeal and aren't very heavy
Nutshot if heavy and a different reputation.

Thats kinda how they speak to me.