ok, i need UG to help me on chosing mics for a home studio, what i need:

if possible, all condenser mics

3 mics that are good for electric guitar/bass guitar

drum mics

3 vocal mics

1 mic that is good for an acoustic guitar (without amp)

if possible, try to keep it rather cheap, im on a tight budget


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why all condensor mics? dynamic mics are good for certain things, such as recording amps and parts of a drum kit. i would recomend picking up at least one shure sm57 for amps and the snare, maybe another one for the kick. then an mxl 990 or two for vocals and drum overheads. neither of those are particularly expensive and work pretty well, especially considering the price. for acoustics, i would recomend the 990 again, and the mxl 991. the two of those come in a package, and the 991 is used close to the guitar and the 990 is far away to catch the depth of the sound. i dont know how much you plan to record at once, but with just those three mics ive managed to do quite a bit and get some good results. just be warned that they arent top of the line, so you can definatly go up from there. but on a budget and for the starting recorder, i would say they are a good place to start.
The Sure sm57 and 58 and betas are great for vocals and instruments and also the senheiser 609 or 906 for the guitar and I would recomend the AKG D112 for your Bass and kick drum if you have one. But these are all expensive mics.

On a budget? Oh The Nady Star powers are not bad and they are cheap..
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thanks for the help. i wanted most or all condenser mics because i wouldn't have enough inputs in the interface to do more than 2 dynamics, but now what i think i'll do is get a headhone amp , plug it into one of the instrument inputs so i can get more inputs out of it, and use more dynamic mics than i planned.

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RIP Roger "Syd" Barrett

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youre thinking something wrong here. dynamics and condensors are the same. if this has something to do with xlr or phantom power, youre wrong. they both use xlr, and dynamics are NOT, i repeat CAN NOT BE HARMED BY PHANTOM POWER.

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^ yeah,get some sm57s and a {insert condenser here}
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