hey dudes i think im going to get a new guitar and i wsa just wonder what you guys think about ibanez and schecter

of so which model of the company you like

if you guys could help me you kick ass
1. What's your price range?
2. Any gear you have now?
3. If yes to above, what amp do you have?
4. What kind of music do you play? (bands are great, genres are less specific)
1. my price range is like 700 and under
2.i have a vox v847 wah wah pedal and a boss distortion pedal and a strat remake(it sucks)
3.i have a peavey its sorta little
4.i listeo to stuff like anything from rush to kurt cobain so metals koool
I would probably spend $400 of that on your amp and $300 on your guitar, unless you are satisfied with your Peavey, I wouldn't know.
I would go with the schecter I think its a better and certainly a prettier guitar. I've played nice ibanez guitars and I wasn't crazy, about them. Though remember if you pump a nice guitar through a ****ty amp its gonna sound ****ty so consider that before you blow your cash all at once
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go schecter, i have the c-1 exotic, great guitar, i mean, it doesnt sound like your playing anything TOO heavy, i mean, no canibal corpse or anything, so, i would say start looking at the c-1 models of schecters line up, around your price range, and pretty good...infact, i like all the schecter models, but, if you really want a metal guitar, try one of their hellraisers(FR, or not) their pretty good aswell...best of luck to ya
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