What kind of pedal is better for a solo boost? EQ or a Overdrive? I'm looking into the Zakk Wylde overdrive pedal...but just thought I'd ask here.
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Well, Zakk used a BOSS SD-1 before he whored himself out to Dunlop.

Look into the BOSS SD-1 or a Keeley Modded one.
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Don't get an overdrive for your SS, get an EQ.
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I play some tube amps and some SS amps, and I use a Ibanez 'soundtank' POWERLEAD (PL5) OD as my lead boost , and it gives my SS amp a warmth and tonality that stands out in a good way... almost a tube warmth, not quite... I have my OD set with the level at 3 1/2, the tone set at 8, and the distortion set at 2. Check it out!
If you want more gain in your boost: overdrive pedal.
If you want a straight volume boost: EQ pedal in the effects loop.
I *just* went through this in the last few weeks. I also have a SS amp. I tried EQ pedals, and some overdrive-type pedals where I just left the gain down, and with all of them got less than satisfactory results.

Check out the BBE (yes, makers of the famous/infamous sonic maximizer) pedal called Boosta Grande. It has one knob on it labelled "gain." Put that in the fx loop of your amp and you will get SOOOO much extra push it will be crazy. (of course, you can control it... it doesn't have to get crazy of course.) The beauty is that, aside from the volume boost, it is VERY transparent. It might add a little bit of "sparkle" to the sound, but not much. What you get with it is practically exactly what you get without it, only louder.

Just don't put it in line between your guitar and your amp. I use so much gain on my amp, that driving the preamp harder really didn't make a lick of difference to my sound. On... off... hard to tell. In the fx loop..... holy cow!

I also tried the other BBE pedal, Frequency Boost (Freq Boost?), which was a fair bit similar, but brightened up the sound quite a lot. It made it more harsh with my particular amp and guitar combination than I liked, but on some setups, it might be good. It seems that the Frequency Booster is almost like a Sonic Maximizer in pedal form. Again, though.... only one "gain" knob and that's it. Very similar sound, but the Freq Boost added volume and brightness.

Try those on.

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