what are some ways to make a home studio look professinail and cool?

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don't leave sweet wrappers..or any other kind of rapper on you're floor. Put leads in their correct places. blah de blah de blah, it's all pretty simple and self explanitory, if you nkow what professional is, mimic it.
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what are some ways to make a home studio look professinail and cool?

have lots & lots of gear everywhere

do not make it look like this though

boy that looks messy...that's cool for your room,but not if you're bringing other people in
yeah id say try and keep it as clear and clutter free as possible. Have specific bass/guitar racks, and put them back when not using. have hooks for the cables, and again, when not using, wrap 'em and hang 'em. I'd say if possible, use a room that has enough open floor for a chair or two, and that you can pass by anyone else in there without having to squeeze by.
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put a couch and fridge in!!!

damn,you know that's actually a good idea...a little lounge area
sprinkle about $300 worth of coke over your mixing desk and on the floor.

Poke a G-string down the side of the couch cushions.

Very cheap, and yet very professional.
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