I'm in the market for a new guitar and I really like the Ibanez RG350EX. i have a couple questions about it though. i've noticed that on some sites you can buy a "new black" one for $400, but they also let u buy a "blemished black" one for $290. Can someone tell me why one is $100 less than they other? also how is the trem system i've heard some ppl say it gets in the way and others say it doesn't. thanks for any help.
despite what people here said I got the RG350dx and yes the edge III trem isn't the best(im use to using edge pro). Edge III is still alright you just have to spend more time and once my strings were worn in after about 2weeks, my tuning holds really well, the strings do go a little flat after about 6hours of use and I do alot of heavy bending and palm muting. As for the price diff, I guess Ibanez just think the qhite one looks more snazzier. Be perpared for heaps of replys to my post flaming the edge III even though half of them probably haven't even used one and only settle for best
ok so my main question with the price is do they both look the same? like they both have the shark tooth inlay and the white pickgaurd and everything?
Blemish means there is an asthetic defect. It could be something as small as a hairline scratch or it could be a chip in the paint, so its a gamble. If you don't care too much about a chip or a scratch, and you want to save a few bucks, go for the blemish.
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