hey, i was just wondering, my cousin has been learning bass through a pretty crappy keyboard amp, however, i really like the tone that he is getting out of it, its got a nice mid range to it, which i tend to favor over real deep stuff,

anyway, would it be ok to run a bass through a large (as big as they pretty much come) keyboard amp without blowing anything?
could i run a output from the keyboard amp to a larger amp (bass amp) and still acheive the same sound?
should i run it through effects and staight into a keyboard amp?
No problem... your question was a bit more specific than the other one...

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Roland Keyboard amps are nice with a bass through em. we have 3-4 bass amps at my school, a fender rumble, a roland keyboard amp, and 2 traynors, and the roland by far is the nicest IMO. and also nice features.
wuld using a keyboard amp take some 'thump' out of the lower notes? like kind of like compression...
Keyboard amps are made the handle frequencies just as low, if not, lower then those you can make with a bass so it shoudl be able to handle the "thump" fine.
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okay, thanks!

would it be a good idea to get a keyboard amp instead of a bass amp if I were to play high up as well as low?

and are keboard amps more expensive than bass amps for the same quality?