Ok, so this is the deal, its my senior year of highschool, and I am sure I am going to remember it, I want to at least, and I want to leave already, but heres the deal, everyday in my division class or home room, I'm going to write a poem, the only reason I am writing these poems are for memories and I am going to put them all in a story basically, and the first week of senior year is done and here is what I got. I hope its ok that I do this, and like at the end of every week I guess I will post my week of poems that go into this story, now all the poems are going to be different don't really plan on connecting them other than these are for my memories of highschool because I usually do crazy stupid **** in school, this is one of the more clam things I am doing. So I do hope it is ok that I do this, if not then just let me know. You can leave feed back if you like and I will get to any of your writings. Thanks.

Senior Year Saga: The Aged Feeling

Week One:

?179 days left?

Spring forward, Fall back
In between,
Sweet sizzle time
In between,
Cold, quiet chimes
Spring forward, Fall back
Back and forth?
Onwards and back?

?178 days left?

A sun always shines
It?s but a matter of seeing;
[Everything is really]
No matter how bright,
?Shine the sun it will

?177 days left?

As she walks she leaves,
Her shoes on air, she?s naked
All is bare and eyes stare,
A sacred ball certain ones invited
She?s leaving, freely, un-lively,
She is enlightened and bright,
Her sight wanders and wonders
As we are torn asunder.
She walks, she leaves, her shoes on air
And I bear all but one tear.

Let the weekend feel like summer,
She only resides for 48 hours.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
you should take your favorite lines at the end of the year and compile a song...
sounds like a good idea. and those poems sound good too. i wish i knew about poem structure and all that whatnot but i enjoyed reading them. reminds me of my senior year which was not too long ago either.
I liked the poems and it's a great idea to write everyday of school, wish I would've done that. I really liked the last poem, I loved the way it sounded and the since I got from reading it. Oh yeah I will also work on mine that you critiqued. Thanks for the input it was greatly appreciated.