Whats the diffrence between Over Drive And Distortion?
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to my understanding

overdrive is created when you push the amp
distortion is created when you push the speaker

od/distortion pedals are just emulations of the above two
it has to do with how the sound wave looks. Normal sound (in theory) is a smooth sine wave. (if you dont know what it looks like find a graph of y=sin(x)) overdrive causes the peaks and valies of the wave to flatten, distortion causes the wave to sharpen.
does gain mean overdrive, then?
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"Overdrive" means pushing a tube amp into saturation to produce a natural distortion. When power tubes are struggling at high power levels to amplify the sound, they start to produce a rich harmonic distortion, which is what most players want. That's why you crank tube amps. The added boost in the front end adds to the tone if using an "overdrive" pedal, it's pushing the front end to get a little more preamp tube overdrive and shape the signal before it goes to the poweramp. A distortion pedal or circuit uses diode clipping to produce distortion. It's not as rich and thick as powertube "overdrive" distortion, but you can vary the intensity at any volume, rather than having to saturate power tubes. In the context of pedals, OD pedals are meant to push the front end of a tube amp overdrive, like a more subtle version of a distortion pedal on their own. An OD pedal uses soft clipping, a distortion pedal uses hard clipping.
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so, if example you got a tube amplifier. You have to get a overdrive pedal to get that beautiful boost of distortion? Doesnt that tubescreamer work too as the OD pedal?? or something like that?
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depends on the amp. some amps like the older Fenders didn't have overdrive from the preamp, so they rely solely on the powersection for overdrive. A tubescreamer overdrive will work well in this situation to give the front end preamp overdrive. A tubescreamer is one kind of OD pedal. Other amps like the Boogies have a lot of overdrive from the preamp due to the extra gain stages. Any of the gain you hear at lower volumes from tube amps is preamp overdrive, you can only get powertube overdrive by cranking the power section(volume).
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