Well now that ive sprayed my vinyl paint onto my pickguard what kind of finish do i put onto it?
Probably any finish that goes with vinyl paint? lol i have no idea, sorry.

Let us know how it goes, i was thinking about painting mine too.
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hmm, you painted your pickguard with paint for vinyl? like car interiors? wtff

I'm not sure if those kinds of paints can be cleared over. But all I can say is that read the can you used to spray the color coat, fidn otu what type of paitn it is. And find a clear thats the same type of paint.
ok thanks. cool on the school holidays i will have more time to make some more designs and stuff.

Iv already got the racing stripe things on it going diagonal but i want to also put a number on it.

Should i use a template? or somethin else


Spray can + A whole load of tape= I dunno what it looks like

but i still need a finish for it but i need to kno which one
Nice job when I tried painting mine it looked real good until. I took the tape off it flaked around the edges. How did you keep yours from doing that?

To answer your question you should use some kind of crystal clear enamel. By the same brand of paint that you used. The wrong kind could bubble the paint up and ruin your work.
It wouldnt peel unless you like full on scraped it off but i used
Dulux Guick dry Spraypak Interior Exterior enamel.