Hey everyone im back with my second post lol :P I was looking around the site and havnt seen much Stevie Ray guys? wats going on with that lol, so i decided to throw in a quick part of my own version of So Excited. Hope you like it. Btw sorry about the distortion noise in the background, Windows sound recorder just dusnt do the job, il get a new recorder asap. Thanks.


( Sorry there mite be a bit of a wait to download it all so hang in there )

Leave feedback please. Thanks.
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hello my gorjus friend
Once again you have managed 2 amaze me with ur fantastic guitar skills! hehe :p
Remember i get free tickets to ur concerts wen ur famous....n maybe i get 2 use ur pool in ur huge mansion in the hills OK?? lol
luff yew
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What gear are you using because it's really different from SRVS tone (ignoring the distortion)? Anyway it was alright, nothing special. The fills in between the main riff were kinda sloppy. 6/10
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