Okay, me and my drummer got together and did a couple of green day covers earlier today with an 8 track, so...I wanted to get some feedback on them, good or bad.

I did the bass, vocals and guitar.


any feedback is appreciated.
Vocals are out of tune here and there, and the entire thing is kinda out-of-time.
That sounds like an electronic drumset...drummer was constantly missing cymbals too.
Good effort tho.
yeah, it was electronic, we didn't have enough mics to mic his actual drumset and he's not used to the electric one.

haha, it's like a foot wide.
Well, the timing for lyrics in first verse was off, you came in late.
And I thought the bass should have been a little stronger, and the solo was quite hard to hear because of the fuzz. Other than that, it was pretty decent.