so im looking into purchasing some rack gear and was wondering what to invest in...i want a compression one and a noise gate one, but dont know what else to get to beef up my tone...
MY Setup
carvin v3 full stack 100 watt all tube power
a 1981 carvin (m-22 pickup) great tone
Rack Setup
carvin compressor
carvin fx 2
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Rocktron Noise Gate
furman power conditioner
Get an isp noise decimator for the noise gate,and maybe a tuner(i hear korg makes a really accurate one). Thats all i really know about.
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all wrong. i have done alot of research into this let me help you out.

Compressor - unless your planning on recording with this or playing at low levels compression is not necessary as your amp will naturally compress as it gets louder. So adding more compression will make it sound bad. at low volumes a compressor would be nice for recording purposes though.

Noise Gate - when you buy top quality gear a noise gate isnt allways necesary though the best noise gate out there is the Rocktron Hush Super C. it is much better than the ISP Rack and cheaper.

Things You Will Need

Power amp - some sort of power amp to push your signal it is mostly depending on the music you play as their ase numerous different models. Though I like the Marshall 9200, the Mesa 2:90, Mesa Strategy 400, and the VHT 2/90/2.

Pre Amp - you will need a pre amp of which it also depends on what type of music your playing to determine what model to get. Some of the good ones Marshall JMP-1 very nice pre amp and very cheap, Mesa Triaxis by far the most versatile pre amp known to man kind this thing is amazing, Also i have heard good things but have never used the ENGL pre amps.

Multi Effects - Usually the next purchase is a multi effects rack unit. You want one that is well built with good effects and usually pretty easy to control. The TC Electronics G-Major is a very nice processor and costs only about 400 USD Though their are others out their that are much better such as the Eventide Eclipse However it costs 2000 USD

Those three things are the only that i consider to be an essential in a rack. However there are more things you could add.

Tuner - Korg makes a very nice rack tuner as does peterson i find them kinda un useful because i have a very expensive tuner that i have and dont need one in a rack but to each his own.

Compression - When your amp is cranked it will naturally compress adding more is a very bad thing however playing at low levels or recording at low levels this could come in handy..

Noise Gate - out of the top three things i consider this next, sometimes your gear may make noise the Rocktron Hush Super C is the solution.

EQs - rack mount EQs are very nice and can add alot to your tone but i dont consider them an essential. SOme very nice ones are the DBX 231 very nice EQ two channels 31 bands, and by far the Best is the Alesis eqs they are all digital sliders, very transparent and if i were to get a rack EQ it would be an Alesis.

Sonic Maximizer - this is often refered to as a lazy mans EQ it can be very nice for fattening up your tone but often people over use it and you tone becomes very digital and basically sounds like crap. i feel this maximizer **** is a waste of time but some ppl like it.

If your rackmounting any pedals you will need a pedal shelf to mount them on and a Unit to switch them with. The GCX Router is very nice you can plug up to 8 pedals to it and you can connect the multi effects to control it as well.

Midi COntroller - you will need a midi controller to control it all the DMC ground control is one of the best IMO and it goes with the GCX router. Others to look at are Bradshaw custom electronics though they are very pricey.

And Last but not least ppl who use Wireless can rack mount their wireless systems into their rack. i wont mention any wireless systems as it is all presonal taste but to get a good one its not cheap to say the least.

Finally you will need a rack to house it all you can buy from all sorts of online dealers you just have to look around.

Now take heed that this a very expensive path to take than can drain your for upwards of 5000 USD easily if you get good equipment.

If you can give me a budget and the types of music you play i can start suggesting some good gear for you.

Hope i helped
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