I'm looking for a 50+ watt amp that isnt very expensive, good enough for some gigs. Any ideas ppl?
Maybe a price range that doesnt go over 500$, but mention them even if they do go over, i need all the choices i can have!..thx
Try a Rocktron Rampage R80... it is solid state, has a clean and distorted channel with seperate volumes for each, treble, mid, and bass controls, an effects loop, a mid scoop option, left and right preamp out, line out, spring reverb, and two inputs - one high gain input, one low gain input. Comes equipped with a single 12-inch speaker, and I am pretty sure it's like 80 watts. I recently bought one used for like $120, and it is pretty decent for gigging around town, actually. Sounds pretty good at lower volumes, so when I mic it it sounds decent thru a P.A., too. That is my suggestion, on the cheaper side of things. I should mention that it has more of a metal type of distortion.
Roland Cube 60 is a versatile amp, and sounds great.

Also try Hughes and Kettner amps. They make some of the best solid states, in my opinion. I've played a 'club reverb', which I don't think they make any more, but that was OMFGamazing.
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Here's one that doesn't go over $500.

Forget the amp and purchase an accordion.

You obviously have no idea how much a decent accordion costs.

Check it out. If you like what you hear, friend me.

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XD, so true...
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