i believe this is the name of the big bass that goes an octave or 2 below a regular stand up bass and is played by two people at the same time. anyway, how common are these things? ever used in any notable recording sessions? know where i can hear an example of one being used? i would for sure love to use one of these things on a really heavy song.

sorry if there is already a thread about this, this is my first time in the bass section despite having been on this board for a few years.
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Yeah them basses were only used in the 17th centuray and no they didn't go 2 octaves below a normal tuned bass. They had frets, were 8ft tall and yes were played by 2 people, one for the bow and one for the fretting. Not even a picture of one, I did a project ages ago about the origin of the bass and anyways that big bass turned into a double bass after removing the frets and making it alot smaller.

Also, 2 ocatves below a normal tuned bass would make it nearly impossible to hear since we have a low hearing range in the bass department. Plus the strings would have had to been nearly 2 metres long and about as thick as telephone poles!! Haha.
it was tuned C#F#BE with the E being the same as on regular bass

if you want to hear that low of a range, look up Jean Baudin.
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I want one. Don't know What I'd use it for, but it'll be really cool to own.
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I believe Vaghner (sp) brought them into the orchestra, as well as adding tubas and more double basses. I doubt there are very many recordings with an octobass, and it probably isn't the most audible thing in the orchestra.
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His name is spelled 'Wagner'. I'm not sure about the octobass, but he did use Tubas in his pieces.
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