Speaking with another member of the forum, he said he was busy with this song. I already knew the song, and decided to make a Guitar Pro 4 backing track for it, so that I could solo on top of it!

It's the melody one time, three choruses of improvisation and the outro.. Being a bit messy


Crit for crit of course!
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Points of interest

-1.40 I like that little chromatic you hit there to lead in to your next note

-2.10-2.20 nice energy, getting a bit more movement going

-2.39 I like when you hit that high note

-3.00 a quicker run, I like the way it ends the most

-3.40 you start to pick up momenting, but don't follow up unfortunately.

-4.20 This little riff is a nice culmination

All in all, a pretty good job. I dig your tone a lot. If it was a more traditional sort of song, I would say you lacked any sort of climax, or tension and release, but I picture this to just be going on at like a lounge sort of thing in the background, so it's fitting.
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Hmmmmmmyes, it's more of a laidback thingy. After all, you can't fill all of your set with just 240+ bpm songs, smashing out 8th notes triplets! You need a bit of cool down things. I can even smoke a cigarette during this song

But I have a nifty little speedy Blue Bossa recording.. People told me it's legendary. I'll make a thread about it in a couple of days, when this thread has fallen!

Thanks for the advice!

Oh, btw.. What's a culmination?
The "Popped Collar" Award(Sexiest)

The "Rest In Real Life" Award(Best Past MT Mod)
Good stuff and nice tone, i hope to hear more from you.
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i really dig it man i'm not exactly a jazz musician but i still love it all i know is to love a good guitar and that had a great guitar in it keep me posted if you come out with anything new.