Im thinking about getting a Epiphone Les Paul 100 for my first electric. Ive been playing a year now and own an acoustic guitar. I was wonderin if this guitar is right for me. Any opinions? Also im lookin for a half decent amp thats not too pricey. If uve got any suggestion and love to hear them
yeah, i love mine, with a pickup swap it's comparable to a $500 guitar, i think the red ones and the vitage sunburst one's are fugly, but i like the cherry, which is what i have, hahahaha, but be careful, if you're looking at the picture of them on a music website, that cherry sunburst isn't what they look like, the knobs are different and the burst is a lil bit darker, google search it
There are better guitars for the money IMO
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dont buy the les paul 100 buy the les paul standard. its only a little more expensive and worth the money... trust me..i have it it rocks!!!