I've looked at some amps, tubeamps, and I thought I might buy this one: Marshall combo JCM 2000 TSL601...
I'm mostly into metal, so would you recommend me to buy this amp?

i would Definately recommend that you buy that amp.
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Bleh, Marshall.

I don't know much, so it'll probably be a good idea to ignore me, but Marshall's are quiet, and metal isn't.

At least, that's what my local guitar shop said.
Quote by OldHairyOne
Marshall's are quiet, and metal isn't.

the last thing an all tube Marshall can be confused with is "quiet".
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Buy it...now

Those things are loud as hell, and the sound awesome. I've played a couple of those JCM combos and I damn near bought one. They overdrive like crazy when you need it which is a plus

And OldHairyOne, you should probably not go to that guitar shop, or at least ask them what Marshall they were playing.
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Try some other amps, like a Peavey 6505, Randall RG200, Ashdown Fallen Angel and such, before you go for it.

but the marshall is quite a pwnage amp.