im thinking of buying some multi-fx for bass...

i have had recommended the Boss Me-50B, but saw ont he internet for abiout £100 more the Boss GT-6B, so basically I'm wondering what more I would get for the extra cash, and whether it would be worth it??
Whoa cool.Hey,i've heard bout dat BOSS multi-effects too..is dat the one in red or blue
casing?i'm not sure..btw i wuz actually thinking about getting a ZOOM multi-effects.
You should check it out though at


If possible,can some tell us if the ZOOM multi-eft is good or worth it? (anyone who tried it
before i mean)
The ME50b is the best out there, the GT6b is better, but not £100 better if you get my drift
I have a Boss ME-50B, its excellent and has nearly everything you'll need...i tried out the GT6B before the ME-50 and it's way more complicated than the ME-50 and alot harder to get a nice tone. You should buy the ME-50B it's well worth it