considering either the 2006 Fender Mim strat or the Hwy1 2005 (not newer one) Strat.

Not sure whether to pay the extra money for the Hwy 1. The 2006 std strat looks nice. I am a classic rock player so don't do metal. I like to do those big Dave Gilmour string bends and I think the Std 2006 Mim with bigger frets may be good for that.

I will try one out today but just wanted feedback from owners.

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I've got one and it's fantastic, but do try before you buy. MIM's aren't as consistent, just cause mine is awesome doesn't mean they all are. I tried out a few duds before I came across mine. I also tried out some highway 1s and I prefered the MIM standard, though if I had the money I would have gotten an MIA standard.

I got a 2006 60th anniversary in sunburst, after tax it came out to just over $400.
I love my MIM Strat and i also played the Highway 1 which was nice but i wanted a humbucker so i went with the HSS Strat cuz i still like to play some metal from time to time But if your a Gilmour fan i think the standard strat would be perfect for ya.
sadly, out of so many mim standards, i only played ONE nice piece. and for some reason it cost more than usual, so i got a H1.
Get the Highway 1 Strat! You'll eventually regret choosing a MIM Strat over a USA Strat. The neck, body, and electronics are superior than the MIM Strats and if you are comparing the price difference between the two; you realize that the Highway 1 Strat is worth the price difference.
well, yes the highway is better, provided its the new upgraded highway 1 out this year.

they fixed the finish, and i think the pickups and a few other things should have been upgraded in the first place.

also keep in mind, there are also players deluxe mex made strats, anniversary edition strat, and 60's classic strat in the same price range.

all have different pickups, neck feel, and body colors.
the standard strat is good for the price provided u get a good one. but if u spend $150-250 more u get a ton more options, including upgraded pickups, which is something ull want eventually anyway.

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If you want the Gilmourish tone, get the 70's Strat or 50's Strat. 50's Strat is for the later Floyd stuff, while the 70's Strat is for the earlier Floyd stuff like Meddle and so on. They're the same price as H1's too. I have a H1 and I love the thing, but it's all personal preference.

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whatever you do get it set up straight after you get it
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Look at the Special Edition strats as well, like the Lite Ash and the Koa Top ones.