hi guyz,
can i record my guitar's sound in fl studio with on the fly effects such as distortion on??
GuitarFX might not work because Fruity Loops is picking up the input signal and so is GuitarFX, so GuitarFX is not a filter in between the guitar and fruity loops, but rather a seperate program with seperate sound output.
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yes, you can. just route the input signal into the channel you want, then put the effects on that channel. if you play your guitar, you should hear it coming out your speakers (if your master runs out to your soundcard obviously). then you do the stuff you have to do to record, making sure it is recording the channel with the effects and input. that should do it for ya.

now i have a question about FL. anyone know how i can save a set of channels as a template? cause i dont want to spend my time getting the drums i like then panning them every time i start up.