i was just wondering if steel strings should be replaced after a certain amount of time

in the past year i've only ever broken the high E string, so that's the only one i've ever replaced (until today, when i replaced the whole set)

i only ever practice like 2 hours a day, so does anyone have any tips as to how long i should give my strings before i replace them?

(i play an electric and acoustic electric guitar, both with basic steel strings)
i usually change all of em if i have to replace one. also, i prefer the feel of new strings, cos they just get filthy and horrible after a while- wouldn't use a set of strings for more that 4 months anyway
how can you sleep around when this is the 2nd time you've changed them?
i was modest about it before... but i am the ****ing man
Yep, I usually change mine every month. How old the strings are does affect the tone of your guitar.
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hi, just here to spread the gospel of STRING CLEANERS. these are bitchin, they take off rust, brighten the sound, smooth the strings, and make them last longer. get some GHS fast fret. best 5 bucks you'll ever spend. if it's been a month, consider if you need new strings (are your strings rusty, or really dull sounding, or do they seem to go out of tune easier?) if they still sound bad even after you clean them, it's time.
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