Mystery White Boy will be the name, there are scripts being drafted, producers being contacted, but so far, no talk of cast.

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The movie: good thing? bad thing?
I'm a little dubious about it, I would be so bummed if it was ****, but at the same time, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it comes out. His Mother wasn't crazy about it, but at the end went for it, cos if she didn't, someone else would, and she didn't want it out of her hands.

It's tough thinking of a decent actor for the part. I thought Ethan Hawke would be interesting if he were a little younger perhaps.. He looks a little Jeffish as well.

This one just sounds stupid to me. Read about it six months (or so) ago when I did a project on him and just thought they should settle with making a bit more of that documentary on him that's doing the rounds.
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