Heys guys thanks for listening.
My old Epiphone Les Paul is gonna be proper treated since I haven't for a while.
And I've noticed that I definitely gonna change my pickup selector - sometimes after changing a setting, I'd notive severe crackling and no sound at all - warning signs for a dying switch.
Anyway, I'm gonna do it all by myself.
I just need to know what brand and model Les Paul switch you could recommend me. Or a website that sells reliable parts.
Cuz I dont wanna go through the crackling pickup selector problem again for a long time.

All help appreciated.
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You want a 3way switch for a les paul. you'd be better off just going to a shop to get one unless youre buying alot of parts, its not worth the shipping. As for a specific brand, i wouldnt worry too much about it.
Just walk in and ask for a 3 way switch for a Les Paul
It'll probably be an All Parts or Gibson one
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agreed. i usually get my parts at stewmac. not sure where to go in the uk. but they kill u on shipping, often it's as much as the part.
example of part.

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Quote by Apok
Just walk in and ask for a 3 way switch for a Les Paul
It'll probably be an All Parts or Gibson one

Yeah well I've told Gibson pickup selector switches aren't compatible with Epiphones (absurd - I don't know why they shouldn't be) so I'm going for a no brand. Anyway, they charged about 40US dollars for the Gibson switch, and since I don't plan to break my wallet for an old guitar I don't even play much, I didn't see the point going into double figure prices. Something that works would do fine.
Thanks for the help.
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