I made a thread like this months ago,but it had no more of 2 replies
So i'm asking you again.
I've got a medium Ibanez Gio,(i bought it 300euros) and i listen to a variety of bands,but most to Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.So,what amp and pedals effects you recommend me to get close to this sound?
In fact,I want the sound of Daisy Berkowitz in the "Portrait of the American family album".
So,I guess i should get an Ibanez tube screamer,and,for sure,a wah pedal.
But I am asking you because you know better than I do....
calm down ya mad bastard!

anyway a ring modulator would be good,its pretty out there and is difficult pedal to use but you can literally make your guitar sound like a Star Wars type laser gun or an industrial factory or a broken souning car etc. etc.
mad stuff.
i couple my Burford Robot Ring Modulator with a EH Small Clone and a Boss DD-2 and you can get some truely mental sounds.

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