i've been reading quite a bit about those two musical directions,but i havent gotten the full idea about serialism,can someone please explain ?

oh and no wikipedia plz,i've already done that !

Serialism is an atonal style of music, ie it has no key. It is based around a 'tone row' which is a row of the twelve notes, in an order which you compose. You can only use each note once in each twelve note row. The music is then created by playing this tone row, playing it backwards, and manipulating it in various ways. Schoenberg was famous for writing serialism.

Minimalism I'm not sure about, I think it's just a really stripped back, simple form of music which contrasted with big orchestras.
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Minimalism involves taking a basic theme (or riff if you prefer) and lots of repetition, changing the theme slowly, adding notes, taking them away. There is often lots of layers to it, with different instruments playing simplified or elaboraed versions of the theme (heterophony)
It was inspired by Indonesian gamelan music
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a famous example of minimalism is Terry Riley's "In C." It's pretty trippy. Read the wikipedia article on it at least for the premise. If you want to listen to the song, be careful, it's about an hour long!

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Composer Philip Glass is pretty much THE minimalist composer, and he is quite awesome at that. It creates a very trancing effect at times. Listen to him! I believe he did the soundtrack for the experimental film "Koyaanisqatsi"
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