Hey Everyone,

First of all, sorry for making such a redundant post. I know there are like 500 of these already, but I do need some advice.

I've been working on my rig, and I need some advice on what would be a good pedal to buy next and why. Here is my current setup:

1989-1991 Custom G&L Legacy
Cort Yorktown Jazz Box

Original Crybaby
EH Small Stone Phaser
Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive
Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion
Rocktron Tsunami Chorus
Matrix Tuner

Tech 21 Trademark 60
Small Peavey Practice Amp

Besides guitars and amps, what is the next thing you would purchase?

Hmm. A delay might be good. What kind do you recommend for a good price?

Also, anymore suggestions of effects?
The new Boss Digital Delay performs pretty well

Perhaps a pedal board? They're pretty handy for gigs
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Traynor YCV40WR
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Peavey TVX 4x10

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I already have a pedal board, and I power my pedals with the built in power supply. Maybe I should get a Pedal Power 2 first.
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Quote by ibanez4life SZ!
If you can't think of anything you need, then don't worry about it....

How do you power your pedals?

I have to agree...if you can't think of anything else you need, then you have everything you need. It is only when a situation comes up that has you saying "this song needs _________".......that's when you need to look into buying something else to fill in that hole.

The point is, don't go digging a hole for the sake of digging a hole.