you know the"indie"(i consider them rock) band rise electric? if not do you know lukas rossi on rockstar supernova?well he sang a song called headspin and i cannot for the life of me find the chords on any website(including this one) to the song. if anyone could help me please email me (i knowits alot of trouble for a stranger but please help me...)

p.s. im hailey and my email is hailey9292@yahoo.com
Well, my fine sir, that is because it royally, royyyallly blows ass. As the answer to your problem, might i sugest listenig to the inside of a baboon scrotum. I find the superior resonance to be particullarly inspiring whilst deficating, that leading back to your original question. Noebody tabbed it because, your music is like ****. Stinking, gelatinous heaps of methane excreting ****.
P.S. you are probabley asking this to aquire a gay personal to satisfy your flambouant flambouancy.
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i asked for help not an opinion so go listen to your weezer and panic! at the disco asshole

p.s. im a girl dumbass
nothing i said sexualy aroused you?

P.S. i was under the impression that you were using weezer a a colonostic stimulnt.