Didnt really know where to put this, but what the hell....

I have an electric and accoustic and if youve read any of my other posts I havnt been playin long... month and a bit more but anyway...

My friend has only an accoustic, but weve been wanting to do a song where it has an electric and accoustic, 2 electrics, or 2 accoustics.... songs with 2 guitars in them we want to try....

Hes been playin for way longer, but it hasnt been religously training just playin here and there... so what are song novice songs that incorporate 2 guitars and can be any combination of: Electric and Accoustic, Accoustic x2, or Electric x2... We can also put in piano parts and stuff.....

I guess my question is, What is a good song that incorporates a piano and 2 guitars?

Everything Changes by staind is out of the question, we can do that already.
Queen are quite good for piano accompanied songs, Meat Loaf, Lynryd Skynryd, etc

2 Guitars has to be Iron Maiden all the way, unless you mean Lead/Rhythm which would be basically every band ever.

Acoustic/Electric, Metallica have a few songs with acoustic parts.
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fix you is an easy one with piano i think and acoustic with an easy electric solo or maybe let it be
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