Wrote this last night. General influence was the 5th anniversary of September 11th.

Scenes From a Living Hell

As the metal twists and the scaffolds melt
So do limbs, and human flesh
A man drowns in the fuel from the un-fair ending
So very sure his existence is over

And so true he is

The stinging gasoline surges through his lungs
And enters the flow of the red blood that coarses
Ten seconds is a lifetime, a spark is an explosion
No longer does the salt-water flood from his eyes
It's gone, no longer among him or anyone else
And it's over. It burns, and he cries fire, THE MAN CRIES FIRE!

The senseless act of murder upon a million
For the beliefs of a worthless god
And a worse-off living for those back home
Cries ring out into the streets
A brown note scream, and a canine-killing howl
The faith of millions ceases for three hours

Exhumed from the debris is a body, bones burnt black
And chared on the coals of fear, and anger
The scent of gasoline, so long gone on the man's body
But resonates for miles above the clouds and through the state

In a state of disaray, thousands scream and hurdle onward
At a rate unknown, hell is in the eyes of the gazelles in the streets

A man falls from the floor, number 56, gravity betrays his senses
The man's last bet, last steps, last thought of breath and life
Seemingly saw the light and followed it to "safety"
This man's eyes had been inflicted a great flood, not the salt-water seas
But a bath of flames, and scenes from a living hell.

I figure it will end up ala-Lamb of God, or something.
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No, I saw them on that documentary, Jurassic Park. They walked around and ate electric fences and people.
it's such a tragedy what happened on 9/11. Anyways, let's get to the song. First of all, I thought it was very good. The wording was dark and full of imagery and just plain excellent. This was a very emotional piece and emotion is very important in songs. Great job and I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you.

Crit mine please?

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