This was the last song that was written for the album. It was a collboration between me and my next door neighbor, Its only me singing but she did all the panio work, I played the guitar... You can purchase the album at my myspace if you want, that would be so awesome

www.myspace.com/foundyesterday -> Listen there

www.aotime.com/fy/Faith128.mp3 -> DIALUP QUALITY
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The piano is a bit on the boomy side for the intro, although your vox makes up for it.

In a small way, it somehow reminds me of one Paul McCartney's older songs. Might be the rhythm of the guitar??? But it does remind me of his style.

Its not my style of music, but it was good none the less.
thanks man. and thanks for cleaning up the thread too. Yeah the panio is fake I wanted to put a real one in, but its such a hassle. I dont listen to paul so I dont know its possible though.
This is definitley really good. I admire this. I'm curious to know where I can find the fake piano?
The times they are a changin'.....
Excellent Job. The piano is bad quality, I will admit, but it's a great song, and that's what matters.

Now, for the question of the day, where can I get this fake piano you speak of?
Hey man really good song, was great to listen to. Sweet acoustic sound youve got there