Wats the best guitar amp for around 50 Quid? i was thinkin a marshall MG10. Any other good ones?
dont bother ure just payin 4 marshall name, its really no beter than any other 10 watt amp. i hear good stuf bout orange amps i think theirs one in ure price range. jus go w/ what sounds best 2 u.
perhaps you should inquire about your grandmothers estate as to the locoation of your grandfathers enourmously large colon to plug directly into, i think this is the best sound you can hope for in your respective price range. then perhaps thank her for the lovely cookies and buttsecks.

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To be honest, £50 won't get you a decent amp. Save another £50 and get a worthwile small practice amp e.g. Vox AD15VT, or for an extra £10-30 an Orange Crush 30R. The 10 watt Marshall you mentioned is a load of ****e, unfortunately. I know about crap amps. I only have a Fender Frontman 15R at the moment and it retails for about £70 but is still ****.

Fender do the FM series amps starting at £100-ish, which doesn't seem to bad, but honestly, the Vox and moreso the Orange are what you should get as your first amp.
You're not going to get a decent amp for 50 quid, save up atleast 150 then go out shopping.
You can get a 15W Cube for about £60, I use one from time to time, they're sort of tolerable as long as you don't turn them up too loud, in which case they start to sound pretty harsh, the 30W version is much better, unfortunately it costs about twice as much as the 15.