It's a rough recording/mixing, but you get the idea. My solo around 2:24 is tough to hear, and I didnt QUITE pull it off.
This is what I was playing:
I like the song man, especially the riff right after the intro. But I'm not much of a fan of the clean vocals, but thats just me. Is this professionally recorded, because the recording and mix sounds really good.
Wow Thats great, Nice job, Gratz
Yours truly,
P.S. it reminds me of aghora alot, if ya dont know them, look em up on myspace, they kick ass so thats a compliment
Nice. Like the guitar... very good stuff.

Not of a fan of grawl.. but love the female voice!

drums are muddy, but can be eq'd (try turning up the highs)

Lead sounds good.. it can fly.

All in all, very powerful!

Good job!
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