Hey everyone, I am forever learning bass, and I was wondering if there was any professional people that could help me with techniques.

I was wondering if anyone could outline/tell me about ALL the different bass techniques. I was wondering what the theory/tech. was behind funk, rock, metal, and things like that.

I know slap bass fairly well and I know how to do walking bass, but I can't really apply them (besides doing walking bass in jazz).

If I do funk, is that mainly slap bass at octaves with a 5th thrown in every now and then.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
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flamenco strumming-

flamenco strumming is a technique to play chords on the electric bass. to do it, take your finger(usually index) and strike across the strings with the side of your finger with the nail. some use it as an alternative to popping, such as myself. a notable user is Les Claypool.