I'm looking into buying a strat or tele and i wanted to know what everyone thought of the new highway one series. Any good or should i look at any different fender guitars?

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Look into Japanese Fenders, or a used American Fender, or try a load of Mexicans and find a really decent one.
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After watching the vid i reckon they look like an awesome buy. great sound and clean looks. I'm very tempted!
If it has nitro finish buy it, if you dont like the pup you can always switch them out.
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The olf hwy ones had a **** finish and were not worth the money. Now with these new hwy ones I guess they are better, but id rather get a used american.
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They are definatley an upgrade from a mexican, but I'd still rather shell out extra cash for an American standard.

Basically because of the stainless steel bridge, tuners, finish, etc.

But the H1 is still a genuine American fender, made in Corona California. It doesn't have mexican parts, it's all made in America.
Change the pickups and you've got a great instrument.
The finish is thin though. If you like the worn feel/look, great, if you want it to look brand new in 5 years, get something else.
The new ones are good, but I don't think they're really worth the $800 price tag on them. I'd say shell out the extra $150 for a regular American Standard.
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