i really liked how this turned out and its my first song with full drums vocals guitar and effects so plz crit this song and dont be so harsh on the vocals but crit the solo
its called bus drive thx and leave you links for me to crit thx


oops my bad
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give a link to the song, not the web page its on. i cant find the song anywher.

BTW -- Creed kicks ass
link just sends me to dmusic page...not your page.
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fixed it and hell yea creed is amazing and tremonti is amazing too check out alter bridge if you havent
Can hardly hear the guitar at all man, just kind of sounds like you singing along with a drum beat. Turn the guitar up!

Is this actually a creed song or something? (just wondering since you guys were talking about them)
nope not really... i seriously dont know what it sounds like tho and are you sure because i replayed the song and i can hear the guitar quite clearly... did u listen on low-fi???
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It seems like the guitar is a little sloppy and definately way softer than it should be. What software are you using? That could be causing the problems with the guitar and vocal distortion. I thought the drums were pretty good in the song, but I couldn't detect any bass at all, I also thought the solo was pretty good. I'm not much into that genre but I thought it was a pretty good song.

Crit me back please at
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haha i dont think its the program cuz im using a crappy $40 webcam mic so yea it sux balls... yea theres no bass in the song...
The guitar is very quiet, but the overall sound is very loud. The vocals are far too loud. The sound overall is very tinny, it sounds like a low-fi stream with lots of artifacts, even though I'm listeneing to the hi-fi stream. It's not bad, but the quality just completely distracts from the rest . The solos is pretty good, but barely audible. The production is really the only thing that needs work (the vocals are okay, not great, but okay). Thanks for the crit.
Yeah, your vocals are clipping pretty badly. Well, I can't hear the guitar so much, but from what i hear its got an interesting feel. Just relevel the vocals, and working on the vocals would help. Don't try holding the notes out so long, you seem to kind of trail off. The solo is pretty good i have to say, from what i can hear. It was pretty good.