Hi all,

Im extreamly happy right now. Why? Because upon visiting my guitar crazed uncle, i recived a brand new Multi FX system worth in excess of £250!

No joke. My uncle is around 45 and has been playing for around 30 years, as you can imagine he has built up quite a collection, anyway he was teaching me some stuff and we were just generally talking and i brought up the subject of amps.

I said that i had just bought a new Marshall for jamming and messing around and he said he had a spare FX pedal lying around that he never uses. He brought it out of his garage and my jaw dropped . Not only was he giving it to me but seriously, these things are worth alot of money and i consider myself one lucky son of a b*tch.

Its going to take me at least 2 whole weeks to entirly figure out how to use it properly but hey, im not complaining .

Anyone else seen or used this particular model or just happy as i am at this moment in time?
its a higher range korg, i have a lowerr one and its good, so you are a lucky sonovabitch
aahhh you suck. have fun
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hehe dammit why don't i have anyone like that to inherit like a 30 year old les paul custom :P
congrats and enjoy ^^
Yeah, I've used a friend's one of those, and I had to teach him how to use it too. It's a really nice pedal. He uses it with a Cort signature Semi-hollow, which I think he's selling, and that's his only electric, so if he sells the pedal I think I might buy it off him.
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your one lucky guy,
i hope you have fun playing around with it!
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Lucky son of a gun, you will probably still be able to download a pdf of the manual from Korg's website, or failing that, Google for it.