Hey guys i was wondering...I hear that the Fender Stratocaster is a good guitar but im not too sure about that. I have looked at the models, Im not too familiar with the parts but i think they are called "coils" are split. On my beginner guitar the Fender Squire it has the same thing but with 2 split coils and 1 dual humbuker and it sounds like complete crap! Thank god I have my Ibanez RG! And looking at the coils on the Stratocaster, there are three and they are split. So i dunno if it does sound bad.

I just want to know if its a good overall guitar or if its WAY overrated. Thanks.
Im not sure what they are called. Infact, it would just be better if somebody told me yes or no =/
a normal stratocaster has 3 single coils.

and please don't judge a strat by squier, they usually suck balls.

your squier probably had two single coils and a humbucker.

it seems you are judging the guitar based on it's pickups, and although it might not be suited for the sound you are after it does not mean it sucks.

I play heavy stuff as well as light stuff, and single coils have their place, in my opinion you don't get a sweeter clean sound than a strat through a good tube amp just below the point it starts breaking up. so smooth and round, without being dirty, most humbuckers in a setup like that sound much more harsh.

And also, no I do not think strats are over rated. They deserve their praise.
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yeah, i dont get what you mean by 'split coils'. do you mean singlecoil pickups?

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The Squire is a low quality guitar, a Fender Stratocaster is a classic guitar used by hundreds of guitarists, Hendrix, Clapton, SRV, Eric Johnson, and John Frusciante. It really is a versatile guitar, but I don't think it's overrated.

ya, what he said.
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anything good is always overrated. and they get overrated for a reason. would a crappy guitar get overrated? no. so whenever you hear whatever is overrated, you can ignore that.
I used to think they were overrated but that was before i had tried a decent Fender one, but on my work experience that is all i played and i loved it.
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no its not overrated. your squier is crap...thats why it sounds bad. Fender Strats deserve all the credit they get
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well, singlecoil pickups do not = bad sound. necessarily. it depends, if you play metal, or high gain music in general, theyre not good. if you play blues, or clean/slight distortion based music, theyre good. but no, theyre certainly not overrated as guitars, theyre very versatile so long as you dont want heavy distortion.
its popular guitar but i always thot of it a blues guitar......
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yeah, you shouldn't judge the Fender Strat because of a Squier... the Fenders rule...
I've got a Mexican Fender Fat Strat, VOX V847, and Fender Frontman 25R...

I dont think they are overated, simply because it's all to do with preferance. I prefer Gibsons, but I am sure Fender Strats are much better than Gibsons in someone elses eyes. It also has to do with the styles you play, even though Gibsons and Fenders are pretty versitile.
I think that the Fender American strat is very overrated. It's sound is thin and sharp in a nerve shaking way. If you want a strat that has a nice, cutting, but still controlled tone, you should try the Eric Clapton strat. It has a middle boost that makes the sound more like a humbucker. But overall you need to put ALOT of cash into a strat before it gets good enough. Oh and Fender CAN'T make rosewood necks. All of the rosewood Fender necks I've tried sucked and where pretty crappy quality. But the maple necks are the ****.

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the Fender Fat Strats are nice... the humbucker gives it a thick sound, and mine was made in Mex. so its like 1,500 bucks cheaper.. I got it for like around 500..
ok i was at guitar emporium in belfast the other day, i was determined to buy a strat , i walked in and got 5 strats, the best by far, was the american standard i got , second was tokai strat which was unbelievably good for something so cheap, i liked it just the american had the slight edge, then was the korean koa wood one which caught my eye for its beauty but wasnt quite the sound i was hoping, then two mexicans which were no where near the quality even with SD pups.

so by all means if u have the money go american , if you dont go for tokai, play it, i played it blindfolded cos the sales guy asked and i thought it was a proper fender at the time but the pups would needed to have been upgraded later on which i couldnt be arsed doing.
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