thinkin bout a new guitar. broke as hell rite now so hopin to get some money for my birthday thats comin up. i want a guitar wit a whammy. i got it down to two of them:




dont kno which to pick. the first ones got a floyd rose. dont kno much bout those tho. can somebody give me some pros and cons bout each guitar?
I say the go for ESP they both have lock tuners so they will say in tune even with a lot of use on the whammy bar but I think the floyd rose is better for using the whammy bar so I say go ESP.
well i dont have like a grand or even 500 to drop on a guitar and i dont think i will any time soon but i need a guitar wit a whammy bar real bad. what should i get for like under 400?
and just curious, why do you want a floyd? A lot of people get them without knowing how to use them, or a basic idea of how they work and how to tune them
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i wasnt a floyd becuase i heard they stay in tune even when u use ur whammy bar alot. second right now im using a Kramer focus 211sl. bought it a long time ago but now im really gettin into guitars so thinkin bout gettin somethin better. but i still love that guitar tho.

i think anythin, even that esp and ibanez would be a HUGE step up from my kramer
does anybody here own ESP m100FM??? or that ibanez? any feedback on those two would be helpful