I have this guitar that I want to sell. It's a Yamaha telecaster looking thing with lots of signatures and a natural finish in decent condition. Signatures are Gene Simmons, George Lynch, Mitch Perry, Tom Neely, Jimmie Lee Young, Jason Ebbs. and Al Bowman.
How much money in American do you guys think I can get for it?
Woah, I wouldn't sell that if my life depended on it. Keep it man.
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The thing is I'm not a big fan of KISS and I've already meta and talked with for a long time George Lynch. Mitch Perry's alright. Plus signatures don't mean much to me. The guy that gave it to me said it was last guitar gene was gonna sign. I had no clue it was worth that much. I guessed it was about a grand.
come on dont act ignorant. you heard it was the last guitar gene was gonna sign and then you say you think its worth ten bills? (not that i dont doubt gene wont sign anymore ****) try looking at finished auctions on ebay that have gone with similar signatures on em . im sure the range will be wide depending on how well you pitch the guitar and how big of a fan happens to come along though.